We seek to provide the resources and assistance for the patient to remain in their own home and outside of residential medical care, for as long as is possible, following surgery or in terminal illness. Our primary aim is to support the Nairobi Hospice and other medical institutions in the provision of care that they cannot provide. It is the provision of support that is so often needed between medical institutions and the important love and care of family. We are built on the recognition of the need to sometimes offer an unseen hand. Often it is that small piece of help that eases the passage from one form of life to another and makes a contribution far larger than one can imagine until one needs it.


When someone you love falls ill, has an accident or has had surgery The Trust works closely with all the stakeholders to ensure the highest, most personal levels of support possible. Wherever possible a close match is made between the person requiring the care and person giving the care, so that all parties are happy as they go about their daily life.
Butterfly Trust Home Care

Home Care

“Through a home support service provide a dependable resource to family members of the sick and injured, to assist them in keeping their loved ones within the home environment for as long as possible, surrounded by the natural care of family and friends.”
Butterfly Trust Carers

Carer Provision

Carers are sent on training courses at the Nairobi Hospice to enhance and update their home care skills. They are managed and supervised by Lead Carer, Jane, who assists them within their individual setting to provide not just care, but real compassion and companionship. Additionally, relief carers can be provided by prior arrangement in order to allow adequate rest and days off for those in full time care work.

About Us

In 2009 a wonderful lady succumbed to the effects of a brain tumour. She fought very hard against terrible odds not to beat the disease, for she knew she could not, but to bring comfort to her family. This was typical of Olwen who valued contributions to society almost more highly than anything else. Throughout her life she focused on the human dimension and despite having suffered more than her fair share of problems she always sought to ease the suffering of others. Her final journey when it came would have been even less dignified but instead it became the catalyst to continue and expand those values. The Butterfly Care Trust was born to carry on that work for we feel it would be wrong to let those wonderful values fade with Olwen. There is a determination that in the short term the Trust might in some small way fill that void and just maybe one day might be able to do more than she could have done as an individual were she still here. She would have liked that idea very much.


What are our beneficiaries are saying about us?

Ann Sutcliffe

Friend of the Trust
I very much appreciated the compassion and the warmth that your carers gave
Di Lowe in her last days.  They could not have been more wonderful, kind and
helpful - please thank them all!  You are doing a great job!  Thank you.

Susie (Allan)

We express our sincere appriciation for supporting us with two participants during the recently concluded health care providers training. 

We believe the knowledge acquired will make them better care providers. 

We do look forward to your further support.

The Nairobi Hospice


It is all coming together, i am so grateful to you & you team of butterflies.

You have done good,

Fiona Hinds

We are lucky to have a Butterfly Carer. I love to hear her chatting and doing
things to make my husband laugh, which is so good for him.

Barbara Terry

We met Jane and Jane today ! and we were able  to work things out very easily and satisfactorily.
We are very grateful for the support the Butterfly Trust has given us at such short notice, it is a relief to know that we have a competent and experienced person we can call on when needed.
Again many thanks to you and the Butterfly Trust.


congratulations for all that you have done for the community since establishing the Butterfly Trust,

Ann Sutcliffe

Your support has been such a help, both now and going forward as I come to terms with it all..... and thank you

for it.


So glad to find your website and learn more about The Butterfly Trust, and the great work it is doing in memory of your very special Mum. We met with Jane this morning and were really impressed by her personality, approach and experience.
She has put us in contact with a Carer who we will meet tomorrow and we are hoping that it might be possible to get her in place by the end of the week.



What is happening

Nairobi Hospice Walk

  Nairobi Hospice invites all for the Annual Charity Walk. Activity: A 10km walk within Ngong Forest. Date: 21st September 2013. Venue: Hillcrest Secondary.. By taking part, you’ll be raising the much needed funds to enable our medical team to provide specialist care to patients with life limiting illnesses at the Hospice, ..

Butterfly Trust Concert

The 2015 Butterfly Trust Concert was an opportunity to celebrate 5 years of operation. In those 5 years we have worked with more than forty families and a record twelve this past year. It’s hard to measure impact but on people reached and benefiting from the care, directly and indirectly, we can safely say we […]


The Butterfly Care Trust continues to be generously funded both financially and through gifts in kind by both individuals and organisations. Without such generosity the Trust would not be able to continue its mission. To date the Trust has been able to reach an increasing number of families with problems of a varying nature. These range from those with a terminal illness and those with severe medical issues through to those that simply need advice on where to turn.
The Trust offers a large thank you to all those who have donated and attended our events. Through that you have made this work possible.


Please feel free to get in touch with us.

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