Butterfly Trust Cencert

Butterfly Trust Concert

The 2015 Butterfly Trust Concert was an opportunity to celebrate 5 years of operation. In those 5 years we have worked with more than forty families and a record twelve this past year. It’s hard to measure impact but on people reached and benefiting from the care, directly and indirectly, we can safely say we are into the hundreds. We have also trained more than 50 carers and even developed our own home care course as we strive to drive up standards and professionalism in this often forgotten about arena. We remain closely aligned to the Nairobi Hospice and continue to seek to fill some of the gaps either side of their excellent service they offer our community.

So 2015 is a year to celebrate as well as refocus on the task in hand. Thank you for your support and for helping The Butterfly Trust reach deeper and further than ever before.

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